Size Guide

Want to make sure you order the perfect size? Here are our recommendations for determining the right sizes for rings and bracelets.


If you already have a ring from TAMARA COMOLLI

If you already own a ring from us and it fits you well, you can simply select the same ring size again. The ring size is engraved on the inside of the band on some models. If you cannot find the ring size there, you will be able to find it on your invoice.

If you don’t yet own a ring from TAMARA COMOLLI

Ring sizes can vary depending on the manufacturer. We therefore advise you not to measure the size of a ring, but the size of the finger on which you would like to wear your ring. Sometimes there are small differences between the fingers on the right and left hand; it may be that a ring fits your left hand perfectly, but not your right hand. Also, your fingers may change slightly according to the season, the time of day and over time. Your fingers may be a little wider in the evening (when they are warm) than in the morning (when they are cold). They may also be a little wider in summer for the same reason. If you are not sure which size to pick, we recommend choosing a larger ring size.

How to determine your ring size

To determine your ring size, you will need a string, a pen and a ruler – or, alternatively, a measuring tape. Proceed as follows:

1. Wrap the string around your finger. It should be positioned where you want your ring to sit. In order to ensure that the ring can be easily removed from your finger, you should adjust the string so that it fits easily over your knuckle.

2. Mark the point on the string where it meets the end with a pencil. 

3. Measure the string up to the mark with a millimeter ruler. 

4. o determine your ring size, choose the measurement that comes closest on our size chart.

ring size in mm US ring size
47 4
48 4 1/2
49 4 3/4
50 5 1/4
51 5 3/4
52 6
53 6 1/2
54 6 3/4
55 7 1/4
56 7 1/2
57 8
58 8 1/4
59 8 3/4
60 9
61 9 1/2
62 10
63 10 1/4
64 10 3/4
65 11
66 11 1/2
67 11 3/4
68 12 1/4
69 12 1/2
70 13
71 13 1/4

Order a ring sizer

We can send you a ring sizer free of charge. This belt-like band allows you to easily calculate the right ring size. To order a ring sizer, please contact our Customer Service.
How the ring sizer works:
The ring sizer functions like a belt. Push the end of the belt through the opening to form a loop. Put this loop around your finger and tighten it until it fits comfortably. Make sure that the loop can slide easily over the knuckle of your finger to ensure that the ring can be put on and taken off without any problems. The magnifying glass shows you the ring size you have determined.

Special sizes for our CURRICULUM VITAE rings

Please note that our CURRICULUM VITAE rings have special sizes. Each ring is made individually. To determine the perfect ring size, we have special silver models in all available sizes. You can try these on at our boutiques and partner jewelers. Our local experts will be happy to advise you. If you are not able to visit a branch, we would be happy to send you the sample rings to try on. Our Customer Service will be happy to help.


How to determine your bracelet size

To measure your wrist size, simply use a tape measure. If you do not have a tape measure to hand, you can use a string and a ruler.

1. Wrap the tape measure around your wrist where you would like to wear your TAMARA COMOLLI bracelet.

2. Read the number where the tape measure meets the end.

3. Add 1.5 cm to your result to ensure that your bracelet fits comfortably. Depending on whether you want to wear the bracelet loosely or tightly, you can add or subtract a few centimeters.

4. Choose the size from our table that is closest to this measurement.

You can also determine your bracelet size by using another bracelet

If you already have a bracelet that fits you perfectly, you can use it to determine your size.

1. Lay the bracelet flat on an even surface.

2. Measure the length in centimeters from the top of the clasp to the end of the bracelet.

3. Choose the size from our table that is closest to this measurement.

The right size for INDIA bracelets

Our INDIA bracelets are twisted on an elastic nylon strap. They have no clasp and can be slid easily on and off over the wrist. When choosing your size, please make sure that the bracelet will fit tightly but comfortably.