Secure Payment

Secure payment is very important to us. Here you can find all the important information about our secure payment methods.


EU – Shop: Payments, as well as refunds are invoiced in Euro (EUR).
US – Shop: Payments, as well as refunds are invoiced in US-Dollar (USD).
CH – Shop: Payments, as well as refunds are invoiced in Swiss Francs (CHF).

Payment by Credit Card

During the checkout step "payment" – please select the option "credit card". Possible transfer fees, as well as bank service charges, might be charged to the customer. If the customer is charged transaction fees by their bank, TAMARA COMOLLI will not refund these charges. We accept the following credit cards: Please enter your card details on our payment site. TAMARA COMOLLI uses state-of-the-art server security software with SSL encryption which provides the safe and bug-proof transmission of your card details. The order amount will be deposited on your card as a payment reservation until your order has either been sent (then the amount will be booked) or cancelled (then the payment reservation will be cancelled).

Payments by Visa oder Mastercard

The system will recognize whether or not the credit card is registered on the 3-D security programs Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode. These are security systems that have been developed to ensure that the registered card holder and the registered online retailer are involved in the transaction. If you are a member of the 3-D Secure Program, a pop-up window will appear on your screen asking you to enter your password when making a purchase online. This window is linked to your bank and requires you to enter your SecureCode (a password that you have previously selected). Transactions can only be made by entering the correct password.
If your credit card is not registered with any of these programs, the payment can be made without further authentication. For more information about the credit card security systems, please see:

Verified by Visa oder Mastercard SecureCode

Payments by American Express

The system recognizes whether the shipping address is identical to the address that has been provided to American Express as the billing address (Amex address verification system, abbrev. "AVS"). In case the address is not identical, you will be asked to provide American Express with a different shipping address in a separate email. Your shipment will not be delivered until the authentication was successful.

The following applies for all payments by credit card:

refunds from returns will always be charged back on to the credit card that the original order was paid for with.

Payment by PayPal

Please select "PayPal" as your payment method and you will be transferred to the PayPal site automatically. If you have an existing PayPal account, you can log in using your user data to confirm the payment. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can register one and proceed with the payment. Refunds from returns will be booked onto the registered PayPal account.

Payment by AmazonPay

We offer payment with AmazonPay. Choose AmazonPay while you are in the shopping basket and login via your Amazon account for a comfortable and quick checkout with your Amazon credentials. Once you finished your order via Amazon, you will receive an order confirmation mailing from TAMARA COMOLLI.

Payment by SOFORT Banking

SOFORT Banking is a direct payment system, which provides a fast and secure method of paying online without having to register. All you need is a bank account and access to online banking.
Please choose “SOFORT Banking” during the “payment” step of the order process. You will be forwarded to SOFORT Banking’s secure payment form in which you will need to approve the wire transfer slip which has been filled in automatically using your online banking details. Your completed payment will be confirmed shortly after the encoded transfer has taken place.
Possible transfer fees as well as bank service charges will be charged to the customer. Refunds from returns will be transferred back onto the bank account which was used to pay the original order.

Payment by Wire Transfer

In the "payment" step at checkout, please select "wire transfer" and finalize your order.
You will then receive a confirmation that will be sent automatically by email stating our banking details as well as the order number.
After receiving the confirmation, please transfer the total amount to the following account within 48 hours. In order for us to be able to process your payment, it is crucial you label your transaction with your order number provided in the email, composed of letters and numbers, e.g. example transaction nr.

Bank account
Account holder: TAMARA COMOLLI Fine Jewelry GmbH
Bank: UniCredit Group, Munich, Germany
IBAN: DE18 7002 0270 0868 3355 72

Possible transfer costs as well as bank fees will be charged to the customer.
Your order will be dispatched upon receipt of payment on our account.
Refunds from returns will be charged back to the bank account which the original order was paid from.

Payment by Gift Card or Promotion Code

Simply go to "shopping bag" and enter your Gift Card code/promotion code in the designated field. If the order amount exceeds the balance on your Gift Card or the amount from the promotion, please select the payment method with which you wish to cover the remaining amount. If the balance on your Gift Card or the amount from the promotion exceeds the order amount, you may use the same code for your next purchase. The amount remaining will be available until your credit balance has been used up completely.
TAMARA COMOLLI reserves the right to block the Gift Card if misused.