Here Comes the Sun

Make the most of warmer seasons ahead with a jewelry update. Featuring refreshed silhouettes, elegant new designs and our enticing Color Story 'Lagoon, our latest offerings take you straight into the golden hour.

Little Drops of Paradise

Meet the new SIGNATURE Two Drop Necklace, a playful, whimsical update on our iconic water drop shape. Diamond Pave accents add subtle sparkle.

Delicate on its own, sensational when layered with longer, larger pendants

Forever Cool

White gold and diamonds pair perfectly, especially on our SIGNATURE hoop earrings, featuring an updated silhouette with a modern twist.

Layered necklaces keep the look fresh and clean

Summer Sunset

Introducing the ALWAYS DIAMONDS necklace, featuring alternating white diamonds set in warm rose gold and a soft, graduated design.

Pair with a CUSHION ring to make a true style statement

Forever on Holiday: Introducing 'Lagoon'

An elegant combination of Chrysoprase, Turquoise, Sky Topaz and Swiss Topaz, our new Color Story 'Lagoon' brings the magic of a dreamy vacation to your everyday life.

Vibrant Hues Ahead

Precious Chrysoprase shields negative energies, Turquoise boosts self-confidence and drive, and Topaz helps protect a calm aura.

A Color Story as a retreat: reminding us that life should be breezy, fun and beautiful.

In Harmony with Nature

‘Lagoon’ is a hideaway, not bound to a specific place. It draws inspiration from the precious resources from which we draw our strength and life force.

The Spirit of 'Lagoon'

Find yourself free from the distractions and escape to a peaceful paradise.

Paradise found.