Our GYPSY Collection

The desire for individuality, freedom, and self-expression has never been greater.
Our GYPSY collection includes earrings, pendants, and bracelets that express your personality.

All of our jewelry is made with love and care and will make you shine.

MIKADO Earrings
Dangling 2 Acorns

They are rare, exceptionally beautiful and unique. Gemstones - nature's most colorful treasures - are not only the biggest jewelry trend this year, they also give us exactly what we all crave:

Pure joie de vivre.

Gemstones are effective companions whose energies give us strength in many situations.

Our new GYPSY Rings

The GYPSY Band, GYPSY Crown, and GYPSY Memoire rings can be combined creatively. Adapted from our GYPSY bangles, the rings embody the boho style that makes them unmistakable. Worn on their own, they exude a simple elegance, and in combination they radiate a sense of playfulness and ease. No matter what the time of day, the occasion, or the style, there are no limits to creating your look. Anything goes – anyone can represent anything and be anything.

Gemstones are effective companions whose energies give us strength in many situations.


Our new Color Story ‘Rainforest’ is inspired by the lush beauty of tropical rainforests. This color combination composed of precious gemstones like Peridot, yellow and green Tourmaline, and Lemon Quartz captures the essence of the rainforest and breathes a touch of paradise into our jewelry.

Our GYPSY earrings Crawler

Our new GYPSY Crawler earrings feature an understated and elegant design that reflects the charm of the GYPSY collection. The sophistication and use of classic gemstone shapes create a pure and stylish look that is especially impressive when showcased in the beautiful colors of the gemstones.


The breathtaking CURRICULUM VITAE 3 ring is a masterpiece of high-precision engineering, with princess-cut moving Diamonds that symbolize the wearer's personal life journey.

Our CURRICULUM VITAE rings are as individual as our own life path.


Derived from the French word for “button”, our popular BOUTON collection is captivating with its round, organic shapes. A subtle bracelet that can be worn on its own or in a layering look.

Gemstone jewelry is like a sparkling masterpiece of nature, combining the beauty and splendor of the world in a single object.