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      MIKADO BOUQUET pendant
      grey Moonstone


      The iconic MIKADO BOUQUET pendant features a beautiful shimmering Moonstone in our classic acorn shape. Set in 18K gold, this medium-sized pendant is available in a range of beautiful gemstone combinations – start collecting today! Perfect paired with one of our high-quality chains or leather cords.

      • Grey Moonstone
        Grey Moonstone
      • White Diamonds
        White Diamonds
      • Amethyst
      • Cacholong
      • Carnelian
      • Aqua Chalcedony
        Aqua Chalcedony
      • Pink Chalcedony
        Pink Chalcedony
      • Chalcedony
      • Mandarin Garnet
        Mandarin Garnet
      • Orange Moonstone
        Orange Moonstone
      • Sand Moonstone
        Sand Moonstone
      • Black Onyx
        Black Onyx
      • Peridot
      • Rutilated Quartz
        Rutilated Quartz
      • Smoky Quartz
        Smoky Quartz
      • London Topaz
        London Topaz
      • Sky Topaz
        Sky Topaz
      • Swiss Topaz
        Swiss Topaz
      • Rose Tourmaline
        Rose Tourmaline
      • Turquoise
      • Brown Moonstone
        Brown Moonstone
      • Citrine

      Price may vary according to gemstone and gold color.Delivery Time: 3 – 10 days depending on shipping country

      8ct grey Moonstone
      18K white gold
      Pendant length 2,6 cm (1,02")
      Gemstone length 10 mm (0,39")
      Ø gemstone 11 mm (4,33")
      Additional information
      Comes without the chain
      Comes with a selected leather cord (approx. 1 m)

      Our handmade fine jewelry deserves special care. Clean our jewelry gently with warm water and soap and take care during polishing. Visit one of our Boutiques or contact our Customer Service for further information or read more in the gemstones section.

      How to care for Moonstone
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      3 – 10 days depending on shipping country
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      MIKADO BOUQUET pendant grey Moonstone