CUSHION Ring apricot Tourmaline

$32,000 USD
Delivery Time: ca. 5-7 business days


Our CUSHION ring design puristically showcases rare colored gemstones. This ring stages an apricot-colored Tourmaline, which is a special treasure of nature due to its exceptional size and color intensity. Both the classic cushion cut and the smooth, natural feel make this design a sensation for gemstone connoisseurs.


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Gemstone details

  • 16.45 carat cushion shape apricot Tourmaline (country of origin Nigeria)



    • This is a Collectible design and only available in size 54 and via our Customer Service.


      • Delivery Time: ca. 5-7 business days
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      Our handmade fine jewelry deserves special care. Clean our jewelry gently with warm water and soap and take care during polishing. Visit one of our Boutiques or contact our Customer Service for further information or read more in the gemstones section.

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