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Topaz owes its name either to the word “tapas”, Sanskrit for “fire and light”, or its original home on the island of Zebirget, formerly known as “Topazos”, in the Red Sea. “Topazos” means “found” in Arabic. Topazes form their own group of gemstones, which occur in a great variety of colors. Topazes can also be found in the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom and are a very desirable gemstone. This gemstone is also used as a healing stone. It is said to help with fever and heartbreak and guard against sleep problems and exam stress. Topaz is November’s birthstone. It is often given as a gift on 4th wedding anniversaries.

Topaz is available in different colors. We use the most stunning and desirable blue Topazes for our jewelry. Initially partly colorless, they only get their beautiful blue tones through irradiation. Topazes are classified as Swiss and London. Sky Topazes naturally occur in their color. Sky is a delicate light blue gemstone. Swiss recalls the intense bright blue sky of the Swiss mountains. London is the darkest and reminiscent of grey-blue skies in the British capital. Topazes are transparent and have a glass-like glow.

You can clean your Topaz with warm water and soap. The gemstone should be protected from potential impact and scratches. Make sure to store it safely.

Topazes are found in India, Namibia, Botswana, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the USA. Our gemologists’ expertise is required to pick out the most stunning Topaz for you.

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