Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz
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The Smoky Quartz owes its name to its color. This gemstone belongs to the mineral group of quartzes. It is characterized by prismatic crystals. Since ancient times, it has been considered a protective stone and is said to give strength to its owner. In the Arab world, it symbolizes loyalty and friendship. This important healing stone is said to help with arthritis and back problems. It is also believed to boost the metabolism and release energies that ease tension and counteract stress.

Smoky Quartzes are brown to almost black or even smoky grey in color. This gemstone is transparent to translucent. The Smoky Quartzes’ color comes from the natural heat of sunlight. Especially dark stones are known as Morion.

You can clean your Smoky Quartz with lukewarm water and soap. The gemstone should be protected from potential impact and scratches. Make sure to store it safely.

Smoky Quartzes are found in Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Pakistan and Switzerland. It is a particular challenge for our gemologists to find Smoky Quartzes with an especially clear and intense color.

Smoky Quartz
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