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The Sapphire is one of the most desirable jewels in the world. It belongs to the corundum group. Sapphire means “blue” in Greek, an allusion to the typical blue tones of Sapphire. This gives it its nickname, the “gemstone of heaven”. However, Sapphires also occur in other colors, too. Sapphires are very popular gemstones for engagement rings, as they symbolize loyalty and faithfulness, they encourage love and awaken longing. The Sapphire is often given as a gift for 5th wedding anniversaries. As a healing stone, this gemstone is said to be very effective for strengthening the nerves. Sapphires are November’s birthstone.

Sapphire comes in almost every color: clear, black, yellow, orange, green, violet, blue, and pink. Among the shades of blue, “cornflower blue” is the most popular color. The red varieties are rubies. The orange-pink color is a rare variety and is called “Padparadscha”, which means lotus flower in Sinhala and is only found in Sri Lanka.

Sapphires are very resistant gems and can be cleaned with lukewarm water and soap. Make sure to store them safely.

Sapphires are found in Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and China. Our gemologists’ expertise is required to find especially beautiful gemstones.

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