Precious Wood
Precious Wood
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We use different woods from special trees for our jewelry. Deep black Ebony is a deciduous tree from Africa and is one of the most expensive woods in the world. Its botanical name is “Diospyros Crassiflora”. Only about 10% of the very slender trunks display the even deep black wood. The reddish-brown Snakewood is a deciduous tree from South America. These trees can reach a height of about 24 meters. The botanical name is “Piratinera Guianensis”. Due to its unique pattern, reminiscent of snake skin, and its rarity, it is one of the highest quality woods worldwide. grey Wood is a type of beech from Central Europe. As it is very hard to process, it is also known as “ironwood”.

The color of African Ebony is even and deep black. A homogeneous Ebony color is very rare. Snakewood has a reddish-brown base color and sometimes appears streaky and snake-skin-like with areas that are almost black in color. grey Wood is grey, as the name suggests. A wax gives the wood its intensive shine.

Precious woods should not come into contact with water. They should also be protected from high humidity. This can make them brittle and matt in appearance.. The woods adapt to any skin type when worn. This changes their color and the shimmer of the surfaces, creating a special patina is created. If your wood loses its sheen, you can restore it with a soft tissue or your fingers.

The deciduous trees of the Ebony tree grow in West Africa. The Snakewood grows in Suriname in South America. The grey Wood comes from Croatia. None of our wood species are subject to any species restrictions such as CITIES.

Precious Wood
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