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In ancient China, Pearls were believed to protect against fire and fire dragons. Today, they stand for intelligence, wealth and dignity. Ancient Greeks and Arabs believed that Pearls were created by the dew of the moon, which penetrates open oysters at night as they float on the water’s surface. In Persian mythology, the “stones from the sea” are the tears of the gods, transformed into Pearls by oysters in the depths of the ocean.

Pearls are an organic product of shells. Pearl oysters live on mussel beds near the coast, 15 to 20 meters under the sea. They form Pearls to defend themselves against parasites and foreign bodies that penetrate the oyster. The Pearl’s shine is known as luster. The South Sea Pearl is considered the most beautiful and rarest Pearl. Pinctada Maxima is available in white, cream, silver and gold. Akoya Pearl, also known as Pinctada Fucata, is white to cream with a pink luster. The Tahitian Pearl, also known as Pinctada Margaritifera, occurs in peacock blue, light grey, silver and almost black, with a green, pink or blue luster.

You can clean your Pearls with a soft, moist tissue. They should be protected from potential impact and scratches. Make sure to store them safely.

Our South Sea Pearls come from Australia, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. The Akoya Pearls are found in Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Vietnam and India. Tahiti Pearls are found around the islands of French Polynesia. Each TAMARA COMOLLI Pearl is individually inspected and selected by our gemologists.

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