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The Onyx has been a popular gemstone since ancient Greek and Roman times. It is best known for its deep black color. This gemstone is a variety of Chalcedony, making it a microcrystalline gem, and belongs to the quartz group. The name originates from the Greek word “ónychos”, which means fingernail. The Onyx is said to have healing powers. It is believed to protect against misfortune and black magic. This gemstone is said to help its owner build a healthy ego. The Onyx is February’s birthstone. It is often given as a gift on 7th wedding anniversaries.

Onyx is a deep black version of Chalcedony. With its black color and beautiful brilliance, the Onyx goes wonderfully well with white Diamonds. For our INDIA Leaf designs, we also use colored Onyx in terra and green (designer color name: Jade), as this gemstone has a special stability.

You can clean your Onyx with lukewarm water and soap. The gemstone should be protected from potential impact and scratches. Make sure to store it safely.

Onyx is found in Brazil, Mexico, India, Madagascar and the USA.

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