Mandarin Garnet
Mandarin Garnet
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The Mandarin belongs to the Garnet group, specifically the Spessartines. It is a very rare gemstone that was only discovered in Africa in the 1990s. The Mandarin Garnet represents energy, individuality, joie de vivre and willingness to take risks. In Asia, the color orange has a divine aura, as it represents a full life. As well as strengthening its owner’s self-confidence, this gemstone helps keep the fire of friendship burning. The Garnet is January’s birthstone.

The Mandarin Garnet’s color is reminiscent of a flaming comet. Its intense orange shade, with slight brownish undertones, recalls ripe peaches throughout the entire range of colors. These can vary from deep red to orange. The special way it refracts light creates an unusually strong brilliance. Manganese is the substance that colors this gemstone. Mandarin Garnets may have partial inclusions. In gemological language, inclusions mean that the crystal structure is not quite clear due to inclusions of foreign minerals, fine cracks or crystal changes. These inclusions indicate that the gemstone is natural. Clear and inclusion-free Mandarin Garnets over 3ct are especially rare and of very high quality.

You can clean your Mandarin Garnet in lukewarm water. This especially hard gemstone is particularly robust, but should still be protected from impact and scratches. Make sure to store it safely

Mandarin Garnets are mostly found in Nigeria and Mozambique. Our gemologists’ expertise is particularly crucial when selecting this popular gemstone.

Mandarin Garnet
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